We are Covid-secure and open for face-to-face consultations.

COVID restrictions are being relaxed, but we wanted to reassure patients that we will continue with all our COVID infection control procedures until further notice.  If you would like further details about how we are keeping you safe, we would be delighted to provide them on request.

To book your appointment or to ask any questions, ring us on 020 8366 0831

Osteopathy in North London N14

Osteopathy – you’ll be in safe hands.

Osteopaths are trusted physical therapists, like physiotherapists and chiropractors.  Where we differ is that we are not constrained by NHS appointment slots and we take the time to listen to you and really understand what’s causing your back, neck, shoulder, hip or knee pain or frequent headaches, and put a treatment plan together to help you feel your best again.

All osteopaths are registered with the General Osteopathic Council and undergo a minimum of 4 years of professional training.  We’ve been in Oakwood, North London since 2002 and have thousands of satisfied patients.

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  • Tired of not knowing what’s wrong and what to do about it?
  • Are you fed up of waiting for help?
  • Are you in pain but don’t like taking painkillers?
  • Do you think it’s “just my age“?
  • Do you want caring and effective, hands-on therapy and not just a list of exercises and some advice?
  • Would you like a treatment plan that’s tailored to you?

We would be delighted to use our many years of experience to help you make sense of your aches and pains and get you back to your best.

To start getting back to your best, call us now.

Please read about the services we offer or call us to see how we can help you.