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– I did it!

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Well, it’s been quite a while since I last wrote any blog articles. Not because I’ve been idle, far from it. I’ve been racing to complete my Masters degree before my 50th birthday (you can complete it in 6 years but I took 3), and I did it! [pats own back]

Not only did I complete it, but I also received a distinction for my troubles. [blows own trumpet whilst patting own back].

This was no mean feat, given that I was still still seeing patients AND, for some unknown reason, decided to get a whippet puppy (Sancho) a year ago. Anyone who’s adopted a puppy will understand how all-consuming they are.

I’m still recovering from the-year-that-almost-cost-me-my-sanity (and a few friendships). Now I’m wondering what to do with an MSc. in The Clinical Management of Pain and Headache Disorders.

I’ve got a few talks to osteopaths and more research projects lined up. I’m already starting to help people with persistent pain and headache conditions, whilst also writing up my MSc. project for publication. And perhaps that’s enough for the moment.

I couldn’t have achieved what I have without the support and patience of many friends, colleagues and family. Not least, my partner, Robbie, my mum, my dear friend Lucy and my colleague Kevin. Also, my supervisor, Dr. Chris McKenzie, who always responded to all my fretful late-night/early morning emails with calmness, reassurance and wisdom.

I’ll be going up to Edinburgh for my graduation at the end of November. A Scottish friend has persuaded me to wear “highland dress” (My mum: “You’re wearing…A DRESS!?”). I may post a picture…

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