Vinod Mahtani is on sabbatical from June 2022

To current and future patients. Vinod Mahtani will be on sabbatical for 6 months from June 2022.  We are pleased to now be able to offer appointments on Mondays and are delighted to announce that Andrew Terry has joined the practice as an Associate Osteopath and will work alongside Kevin Brownhill.  First appointment £65/Follow-up appointments £50.

To book your appointment or to ask any questions, ring us on 020 8366 0831

Meet the team

Vinod Mahtani

Vinod Mahtani, Principal Osteopath

Vinod Mahtani  MSc. Pain and Headache Disorders, BSc. (Hons) Ost., BA. (Hons).

Vinod is the founder of 1st Call Osteopaths. He recently completed an MSc. in The Clinical Management of Pain and Headache Disorders at The University Of Edinburgh, where he graduated with distinction.  He is a founder member of Osteopaths for Progress in Headache and Migraine (OPHM), who are a group of headache-interested osteopaths who have carried out research and training into diagnosing and treating headaches.

He graduated from the University College of Osteopathy (formerly BSO) in 2002 and has treated patients in private practice and in the NHS. He has worked both as a clinic tutor and lecturer on the Access to Osteopathic Healthcare course at the BSO. He is also accredited with the Chartered Institute for Environmental Health as a trainer in manual handling. He has been a freelance trainer with Pathways Training and Consultancy Ltd. since 2001.

Vinod has a BSc (Hons) Osteopathy and is registered with the General Osteopathic Council.

He has various research interests in the field of pain and headaches.


“What I enjoy most is figuring out with the patient all the factors that might have brought about their symptoms and creating a treatment plan that they are happy with.”

Kevin Brownhill Osteopath

Kevin Brownhill, Osteopath

Kevin Brownhill PhD., MSc., BSc. Ost.

Kevin has 30 years’ experience working in private practice, GP surgeries and in a specialist NHS back pain clinic.

As well as osteopathic practice, he works at the University College of Osteopathy (UCO), where he carries out his own research, supervises student research projects, gives lectures on osteopathic theory and analysis, and advises colleagues on research methodology.

Kevin was awarded a PhD. in 2011, carried out at Imaging Sciences, King’s College London, looking at coordination of the spinal joints and back pain.

“I like to use a modern osteopathic approach, based on scientific understanding. I am also influenced by many years practising tai chi and meditation.

I like treating sports injuries and long-standing problems that have failed to improve with the usual treatments offered by the NHS. I like to encourage my patients to help themselves through advice, exercises and postural awareness.”

Lesley Levy

Lesley Levy, Practice Manager

Lesley came in for an appointment here 18 years ago and left with a job as our receptionist.

As the practice has evolved, so has her job, and she is now our Practice Manager dealing with all non-clinical matters. She has experience of handling patients in pain, gained whilst working as a receptionist in a GP surgery in Enfield and Barnet. You can always be assured of a warm, caring and professional welcome when speak to Lesley.

“Often, I’m the first contact a patient will have with the practice. It’s really important to me that it’s a positive and straightforward experience for them as they are often in quite a lot of pain. I always try my best to find an appointment for them on the day they call. “I’ve squeezed in one more patient” is something I say all the time.”