We are Covid-secure and open for face-to-face consultations.

COVID restrictions are being relaxed, but we wanted to reassure patients that we will continue with all our COVID infection control procedures until further notice.  If you would like further details about how we are keeping you safe, we would be delighted to provide them on request.

To book your appointment or to ask any questions, ring us on 020 8366 0831

What we do

back pain

Osteopathy treatment session

Osteopaths, like physiotherapists or chiropractors, treat a wide range of physical complaints.  If you want to book an appointment but aren’t sure if osteopathy can help, you can ask for a Free Clinical Consultation (15 minutes) – with no obligation to stay for treatment.   For more information, call us today.

All osteopaths working here are registered with General Osteopathic Council.

Safety of our patients is our no.1 priority.

We treat much more than just “bad backs”, and contrary to popular belief, treatment is gentle and doesn’t always involve clicking joints.

We will always ask for your consent before using any special techniques.

Osteopathy for headaches and migraines

We have a special interest in assessing and treating all types of headache and migraine.  We understand how this type of persistent pain can squeeze the joy out of your life.  We provide the most up-to-date, hands-on treatment for these types of conditions to help you feel your best again.  Read one of our many success stories.

Osteopathy for sports and exercise

osteopath shoulder injury assessment

Vinod Mahtani assessing a shoulder injury

Being a community-based practice we treat many members of the local golf, running and hockey clubs and equestrian centre.

Typical problems would be neck pain after falling off a horse, shoulder and low back pain from playing golf, knee pain from training for a marathon.

Osteopathy for pregnancy

Over the years we have treated many pregnant women and new mums. Common problems we treat are:

Osteopathy for work-related conditions

As a nation we have one of the longest working weeks. Whether our jobs include lifting, carrying or sitting for long periods at a computer, this means that work-related conditions, like tension headaches, are fast becoming the no.1 cause of bodily aches and pains.

Osteopathy for age-related changes

Sometimes we all need a bit of help

As you get older you might find it a little harder to do things that you didn’t think twice about before, like getting up off the sofa or running for a bus. This is because your body isn’t adapting to changing demands as well as it used to, and this is often the time that you might need our help to improve this.

Over the years, 1st Call Osteopaths has helped many people over the age of 40 manage lifestyle changes. For example;

  • Mums who want to get back to fitness.
  • Men who realise that they can’t take their body for granted anymore and want to start exercising again.
  • Men and women who generally feel they need some help with feeling less stiff or with other conditions like arthritis.