Vinod Mahtani is on sabbatical from June 2022

To current and future patients. Vinod Mahtani will be on sabbatical for 6 months from June 2022.  We are pleased to now be able to offer appointments on Mondays and are delighted to announce that Andrew Terry has joined the practice as an Associate Osteopath and will work alongside Kevin Brownhill.  First appointment £65/Follow-up appointments £50.

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Find out why you groan when you stand or sit.

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Have you started to groan when you stand up or sit down?

Have you started to let out a grunt or groan when you stand up or sit down?  A patient came in to see me this week and was wondering why he’d started to groan every time he stood up or sat down. He was about to turn 40.

“Activity groan” is one of those things that can betray you. It creeps up on you (like grey hair) and before you know it, BOOM! You can’t take your body for granted any more and everyone thinks you’re much older than you actually are.

It’s often not the challenging things – walking up hills or running for a bus – that you start to dread. It’s finding it a bit more of an effort to do everyday things like getting up off the sofa, picking up something from the floor, or clipping toenails that gradually make us feel older than we are.

Getting older doesn’t have to mean feeling older.

You may accept that this is just part and parcel of getting older, after all it happened to your parents and their parents before them, but, have you ever thought that it could just be because you’ve spent years not moving your body enough and in the right way?

Your back is made up of many little joints, ribs, muscles and ligaments. They all need to work together like a finely tuned engine, and when they do it can make you feel younger and more flexible.  Whatever your age, you always have the capacity to move more freely and do the simple things in life without the added sound effects.

What you can do about it.

Osteopaths are very experienced and well-trained in improving the way your body moves.  We always take a 360° view of your complaint, taking into account the body and how it adapts to the various stress factors in your life.   We can then set you off in the right direction with a personalised treatment plan, good advice and a few, well-chosen exercises.

If you, or someone you know, suffers from activity groan, call us and find out how we can help.