We are now COVID-secure & open for face-to-face consultations

We are delighted to now be COVID-secure and open for face-to-face consultations.  We will be open on Wednesdays and Fridays only, intially, and plan to return to a full schedule in September.
We will continue to offer online (Zoom) consultations for support and advice for those that want.
Please contact us to discuss an appointment 020 8366 0831.

Testimonials for Osteopaths in London N14

‘I’ve suffered from tension headaches for at least 15 years and got used to them as a normal part of my day. After mentioning it to Vinod, he performed a specific treatment to relieve the headaches and told me that I would notice an improvement quite quickly.

I was a little sceptical as I’ve lived with them for so long but, true to his word, after one treatment session I noticed a significant difference!

I no longer wake up with a headache every single day and if I do get one there’s usually a good reason why rather than, “just because”!

It’s made a massive difference in my daily life, I’m a lot happier and have loads more energy 🙂

Thanks Vinod!’